NICE creates a positive and easy user experience firstly focused on security and IP cameras. It is very important for NICE to pursue the best usability. NICE’s “user-focus and simple” solution allows for mass adoption of security cameras in today’s consumer market. NICE’s founding members  are developing a technology to sort and classify video obtained from multiple cameras, thus organizing clips via subject matter as opposed to time stamps or often faulty object detections. It also has the capability to divide video files into easy-to-manage clips, with multiple notifications for similar events (i.e. a person walking into different rooms of the house) are aggregated and delivered as one notification.  NICE founding members also understand that the solution can’t come from just one company. NICE is an open platform that allows developers to create apps and services to enhance the features of NICE. With a growing number of compatible devices to services and third-party app, NICE aims to revitalize the market of the security camera by lowering the entry barriers for camera manufacturers as well as service and third-party app developers.

As many security cameras are designed to be placed in the home where privacy is key, NICE was designed with a “security first” architecture.

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